London the Queen City of Europe

London, in fact, can be treated as the capital of economic activities of the world. This is a historical and business city, with many castles, palaces of interest. All the major airlines of the world connect London. Rail and ferry connect with Europe mainland. Ferry also connect with Ireland.

There are 1000+ of places in London to accommodate tourists who come for a time. Hotel is a bit expensive, the price ranging from $20.00 – $1900.00 per night. Depending on beget and taste a tourist can easily find his best option. For common tourist Bed & Breakfast accommodations are advisable, these can be from $20 – $ 100 per night depending on the area. Mostly these are private and can be bargained.

London is a mega city full of places of interest. Naturally, a tourist has to plan beforehand and decide how much time they should spend on each of the places of interest.

London the Queen City of Europe

Tourists can either

Travel through the tour agents in a group, 100s of conducted tour operators are there, who generally use comfortable couches, take the tourists to their preset tour programs. London Transport also has tour buses with conducted tours for different tourist attraction sites.

Travel Individually. Different tour guides and maps may be used. Local friends can help in this type of touring plan.

London transport has very good communication network through bus rail and underground tube train. Better to buy a day ticket, which gives unlimited mileage and access to all London Transport services for the whole day.

London the Queen City of Europe

Most visited places are:

1. Tower of London and the Crown Jewels

2. London Aquarium ‘

3. London Zoo

4. Windsor Castle

5. Hampton Court Palace

Apart from all the above historical buildings like St Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey are also very popular among the tourists.

People interested in Museums will find London as the city of Museums. In fact, the best Museums in London.

The famous British Museum art effects collected the world. During the colonial rule time, British private and government collectors acquired almost all the valuable and precious materials statues, etc from a different country and back to London. These are now on display here in British Museum.  Art Museums have a collection of all the genuine famous arts on display. One important Museum is the Science Museum, which houses all the scientific discoveries.

Planetarium and Madam Tossed wax display should not be avoided.

The Greenwich Observatory is treated as the center of the world; this is on the 0-degree latitude. GMT starts from here. Tourists may visit this place take photographs posing on the 0-degree line. When in Greenwich they can visit the famous ship of Trafalgar war Catty Shark also. London from above by riding on the Eye of London, added in the Millennium year on the bank of Thames.

In conclusion, touring the great city of London should be at least for six days, as it is rather impossible to complete most of the famous spots in lesser time.